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Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment is an integral part of learning which gives an accurate picture of how much learning takes place and what is the target that needs to be achieved.

For the beginners (KG classes and STD I & II), evaluation is done on a day to day basis by way of worksheets based on the syllabus taught. The overall performance of the child is evaluated at the end of the year.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is followed from Std III to X. The Academic year is divided into two Semesters.

The First Semester comprises

  • Formative Assessment I - 10%
  • Formative Assessment II - 10%
  • Summative Assessment I - 30%

The Second Semester comprises

  • Formative Assessment III - 10%
  • Formative Assessment IV - 10%
  • Summative Assessment II - 30%
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