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Art & Craft

PSC seeks to nurture the natural ability that every student possesses, encouraging students to use their imagination. Fostering this sense of creativity is done through a balanced program of art, craft and design, with a broad range of materials in both indoor and outdoor environments


Life Skill Education

The WHO has defined life skills as, ‘the abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life’. The key objective of life skills programme at our school is to build these abilities in the students. This program enables the students to make themselves a better person on the whole.

First Aid

Will be updated shortly!

Total Health Program

TThe school’s total Health Program had been started on October 7, 2006 to empower young children with the knowledge, attitudes and skills required for a healthy living. How Paramount it is to possess good health!

Environmental Education

Through environmental education, the students are introduced to the role that the environment plays in shaping the life and surroundings of the human beings. The message for the need to safeguard the environment reaches the students from early years.


Rajya Purashkar Award has been won by 19 students and Rastrapathy Award has been won by 7 students so far.


Yoga trains the mind and soul of the students. Students from KG to Std. X are taught Yoga in the school. Our students have achieved National and International titles in Yoga.

Club Activities

The “QUIZ CLUB” of our school which is named as “Interrogative Club” is working during 12.00 p.m. to 12.30 p.m. in our school premises. The motive of this club is to make the students get wide knowledge in all subjects and enable them to participate in “Quiz Contests” efficiently.


Instrumental music classes are conducted in the school premises. Students are taught to play Keyboard and Guitar by a skillful musician.

Classical Dance

Students are made to expose themselves to our traditional dance ‘Bharatha Natiyam’. A dance teacher is appointed for the same. The students display their talents in dance in and around the town.

Chutti Crorepatti Club

To make our students Well- versed in financial education, “Chutti Crorepatti Club” was inaugurated in our school premises on February 4th 2011, with our principal as Chairmen and under the guidance of Mr. V.V.V.A.Mahendran, who is one of the non-executive member of the club.

4 Teachers are elected as directors of the Club. Students from L.K.G to std X are divided into 4 groups and named as Warren Buffet Association, Peter Lynch Association, Rakesh JunJunwalla Association and Robert Kiyosaki Association. Two students from std III to Std X are selected as board members for each group. C.E.O (Chief Executive Officer), C.F.O(Chief Financial Officer) and C.I.O(Chief Investment Officer) are from std X. Four teachers are elected by the students as mentors for each group.



The members of each association has Rs.20,000(Virtual money).(ie) Each association has Rs.80,00,000 virtual money in bank. The face value of one unit as inception is Rs.10. So, each member is allotted 2000 units valued at Rs.20,000 (2000xRs.10). The total fund collected from members are invested by the C.E.O,C.F.O and C.I.O’s of each association separately in different asset classes like property, Gold, Bank deposits, Insurance and shares by getting ideas from Board members, who have already got ideas from each member of their association.

Two board meetings were held after 2 fortnights and the board members discussed about their investments. The intention of investing in different asset classes is to learn how the return on investment(ROI) is in each asset class over a long period of time.

The results are: The amount Rs.20,000 invested by each member has become as follows :

Name of the Association

I Fortnight Value

II Fortnight Value

Warren Buffet Association Rs.20,637.00 Rs.20,535.00
Peter Lynch Association Rs.20,043.80 Rs.20,098.80
Robert Kiyosaki Association Rs.20,097.80 Rs.20,309.40
Rakesh Junjunwalla Association Rs.20,094.00 Rs.20,227.00

Name of the Association

III Fortnight Value

IV Fortnight Value

Warren Buffet Association Rs.20,565.00 Rs.21,015.00
Peter Lynch Association Rs.20,079.00 Rs.20,283.00
Robert Kiyosaki Association Rs.20,286.00 Rs.20,404.00
Rakesh Junjunwalla Association Rs.20,286.00 Rs.20,316.00

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