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Competitive Exam

Year Organised By Name of the Student Place
2001 Vivekananda Panpattu Thervu D.Raja Durga I
2005 State level Universal Talent Search Examination H.Aparna III
2006 Triple A Aptitude Test K.Dolly II
2007 Triple A aptitude Test K.Dolly II
Velammal Science Talent Exam M.Roshan Fathim III
2008 Academy For Aptitude Achievement V.P.Anisha I prize,
Cash award - Rs.1000/-
N.Vigneswari II prize,
Cash Award - Rs.700/-
2009 Academy For Aptitude Achievement "Triple A" T.Sankari Durga I Prize,
Cash Award - Rs.1000/-
R.Mathivadhana II Prize,
Cash Award - Rs.800/-
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