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Our Curriculum

At P.S Chidambara Nadar Senior English School, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum approved by the Central Board of Secondary Education, within the framework of the National Council of Educational Research and Training.

The curriculum endeavours to develop the student thoroughly, strengthening the mind and building strong character. Students are expected to take an active role in their learning and be disciplined to set and hold themselves to high standards of achievement. As a school committed to academic excellence, PSC maintains a rigorous course load that aims to produce competent, confident and analytical thinkers. The first to Fifth Std. Curriculum is activity-based.

Curriculum for Kinder Garden

The tiny Chidambarettes are inspired through our innovative teaching methods. Learning is a game for them. Drawing is given importance to enhance their capability for visualization in the growing years and also to allow the buds of creativity to blossom. Montessori techniques are followed by trained staff. The Activity Room, furnished with Montessori Materials satisfies the needs of the exhilarated participants. So that all round growth is ensured. Education is a delight in PSC

Curriculum for Primary (I & II)

The strong foundation necessary for the Primary chidambarettes for their formative years is laid in I and II. The LSRW skills are introduced to develop proficiency in English. Love for the subjects is instilled in them by various methods. Making models, charts and enacting the lessons help them to develop their individual talents. The Multimedia Room is a room of wonder and discovery for the students. The library with selected books is put to use in the library hour. This gives them new thought processes, association and imagination. We can say that the seeds of God (our Chidambarettes) have sprouted into saplings to grow into tomorrow’s trees.

Core Subject Curriculum (From Std III to X)

  • Language I English
  • Language II Tamil
  • Language III Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science

Core Subject Curriculum for XI


List of Publications (2021-2022)








LKG Orient Blackswan Janet Orient Blackswan Orient Blackswan Firefly
UKG Cardova
Rhymes and Stories-Cardova
Janet Cardova Cardova Firefly
I & II Orient Blackswan
Grammer-Blackie ELT Books
TN Govt Ratna Sagar Oxford EZ Vidhya Firefly



English Orient Blackswan
Grammer-Blackie ELT Books
Tamil TN Govt
Maths Ratna Sagar
Science Oxford
S.S Frank Bros &Co
Hindi III– Hicon Educational System
IV-Jeevandeep Edumedia
V-Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha
C.S EZ Vidhya
G.K Holy Faith International
V.E Jeevandeep Edumedia
M.A Brain Mapping
Drawing Periwinkle



English Macmillian Publishers India Ltd
Grammer-Blackie ELT Books
Tamil TN Govt
Maths, Science, S.S NCERT books
Hindi VI– Hicon Educational System
VII, VIII– Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha
C.S EZ Vidhya
G.K Periwinkle
V.E VI– Jeevandeep
VII– Acevision
VIII– Goyal Brothers
M.A Brain Mapping
F.E Goyal Brothers
Drawing Firefly
Health and Physical Education Rajmohan Pathippagam
Story book VI, VII– new Saraswathi house private LTd.
VIII– Navneet Education



English, Maths, Science, S.S NCERT books
Tamil TN Govt
C.S Techno School
Science Practical book Laxmi Publication



English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology,
Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy
NCERT books
C.S, I.P DhanpatRai & Co
Lab Manual(Phy,Che,Bio) Laxmi Publication

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