PSC’s Voice.

PSC’S voice is the name of the Hot Bulletin of our school. The first issue was released on 12th November 2003 when Mr. M. A. P. R. Rengasamy was the Correspondent. It is issued every month which carries the significant events that happen in our school. Besides it contains the achievements of the Chidambarettes in all the fields.

School Magazine

The high potentials and the change of attitude in children are felt even in the kindergarten classes. The school magazine testifies the same every year. The mental growth of the students is reflected in the articles, drawings and collection of useful data. The souvenir also serves as a record of events, the achievements and activities of the school, during the academic year. So for we have brought out 30 blossoms.

Book Release

To enable language learning process easy, our teachers have taken strenuous efforts to bring out the following books

  • Easy Way to English
  • Grammar for Everyone
  • Alluring English
  • Vazhkai Tamil

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